The fashion world is a very dynamic world which doesn’t remain the same for long. With loads and loads of innovation coming inform designers, people are adopting what is coming in trend. With the right trendy fashion advice, you can remain up to date with what latest trends are being followed around you. Let us check out what is in trend these days!

Prints are in fashion

The trendy fashion advice is to go for prints. Prints have been in trend since long and are evergreen element in the fashion world. Prints are available in a wide range of designs, colors and textures. Print dresses, print accessories, print shawls, print scraps, everything is going print in the fashion and style world. So, you can also include some print dresses and accessories in your wardrobe.

Buy only bargains which are worth it
Super malls and stores usually offer discounts on fashion accessories and apparels from time to time. Sale is offered on special occasions and on festivals where one can fetch things at nearly half the price. This usually lures customers but you must be smart enough to invest only in things which you must require and will be using.

Make waistbands thicker
Waistbands look real great on dresses! Black, brown, white or any color that matches well with the dress, looks great as a waistband with a nice buckle in front. According to the latest trendy fashion advice, thicker waistbands look better and attractive. Many Hollywood celebrities have tried them on the red carpet and hence the style came in trend. They are available with ease at stores near you.

Give priority to accessories
Accessories really add up to your attire like icing on a cake. They give the required definition to you and styling up without accessories is incomplete. Females go for no. of accessories like hats, glares, mufflers, bands, waistbands, footwear, wrist watches etc.
These trendy fashion advice will surely help you style up well and look great. So, do keep them in mind and make use of them the next time you dress up.

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Females spent years and years just waiting for their hair to grow and reach a desired length which they want them too. During this period, the hairs require massive amount of care and the longer they are, the more the amount of care and maintenance required. Usually, females with long female haircuts tie their hairs together in order to make it easier for them when it comes to carrying your hair.
There are many Long Female Hair Cuts styles which can be adopted by you if you have got long hairs. These hairstyles will not only help you in carrying your hair with ease but will also make you look trendy and stylish at the same time. Here are some hottest long female haircuts to try out!


The braided hair style has been a popular hair style and the best thing about it is that it looks really good on long and heavy hair. The longer your hair, the more the braids and the thicker your hair, the more the thickness of the braid! Loads of experiments can be done with the braid and professional stylist is what you need is setting up and getting the perfect braid.

The Pony

Pony is another good option if you have got really long hair. If your hairs are till your waist then it will look good in pony hairstyle. Pony is best suited for straight or rebounded hair. This is no doubt one of the most easiest hairstyle to be made out of your long hair and making a pony takes roughly not more than 2 to 3 minutes!

Although the options which one has when for hairstyles to be kept with long length hairs are unlimited but you need to be really choosy about your hairstyle. This is a vital decision and must be taken with care. Certain factors must be considered before you choose a hairstyle and the shape of your face and quality of your hair is a big concern. You must take help from a professional hair stylist in this regard before getting any long female haircuts done.

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Fashion has always been the first and the foremost priority of every lady. Who doesn’t wants to look good after all? The fashion trends keep changing with time every now and then and we witness a complete new range of trendy ladies clothing every season and in fact every month or the other. There is a lot of experimenting going on within the fashion industry which evolves funky and trendy ladies clothing that one can around you.
Ladies love what they wear, and that is the reason that makes them choosy about their clothes. Whether it is a dress for their normal routine or they are going to hit the dance floor in the evening, they will always take that extra amount of time in getting ready and that is what they are best known for. The current fashion and style statements include elegant accessories for ladies which add to their overall appearance and make them look glamorous. Here is a list of accessories which you must surely possess in order to look stylish and trendy this season.

wooden braceletsWooden Bracelets
Wooden bracelets are sober yet attractive enough to add to your trendy ladies clothing’s grace. They are available in a no. of designs and colors which make them perfectly match with the attire you choose. Hundreds of designs and colors are available which will surely making selection difficult. The designs range from funky to traditional and plain ones which can reflect your mood and occasion pretty well.

Bead Necklaces

Gone are the days of exotic and costly necklaces where platinum and gold were given preference. The modern day ladies are flaunting cute and attractive necklaces made of beads. The best thing about them is that they are very economic and one can also make them at home with a DIY kit. They are all about the amount of creativity which the maker possesses. You can make nearly anything out of them and they can be matched easily with your dress too!


Trendy Hats
A good, stylish hat will add to your over all personality. Just make sure that the hat you wear matches with your trendy ladies clothing.
Hats are available in no. of colors, designs and materials. A little survey in the market near you will surely help you in fetching the perfect pair.
So, what are you waiting for? Include these accessories with your trendy ladies clothing and get a whole new stylish you! Let the fashion fever

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Wedding is one such gala occasion when it is time to celebrate happiness and wish the couple a happy married life. This occasion is incomplete without wedding accessories.  Top wedding accessories refer to the accessories which are worn by females on their wedding day. These add to the beauty of the bride and make her look a lot more beautiful. In Eastern side brides prefer heavy accessories with her wedding dress like necklace, long earrings etc but in west, brides wear light and sparkling accessories made of gems which look fabulous with their wedding gowns.

According to the US wedding report of last year, grooms spent a whooping USD 4,411 on engagement rings while brides spent USD 2,067 for bands. The list of top wedding accessories includes necklaces, bangles, earrings, anklet etc which are chosen by brides to wear.

These are designed and made by jewelers according to the bride’s choice. There are wide ranges of jewelry retailers which consist of high designs and are provided to the bride to wear on the special day of her life. Jewelry is made of different metals like gold, silver, diamond etc.

If it’s your wedding and you are confused about which top wedding accessories to wear, then you can guide guidance from friends, family and relatives. Guidance can also be taken from a professional stylist in this regard who will help you in selecting the best that will look good on you. Some females even check out the wedding photographs and albums in order to explore the different wedding accessories worn by some brides on their wedding day.

In the modern trend, antique jewelry is highly in demand. Hairpins are also a tiny fashionable accessory which is as important as the bride’s attire. The matching pins and hair accessories support the hairstyle of the bride and make her pretty. Artificial jewelry is a good option which comes at very low cost as compared to gold or jewelry made of any other metal. Artificial ones are in demand and come in no. of designs. One good thing about them is their affordability!

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Fashion advice is often advised to both males and females in order to improve one’s fashion sense as well as. Female fashion advice is aimed at giving enough knowledge about the latest fashion trends and things to try out.

Go for bright accessories!
The female fashion advice suggests that one must carry bright accessories along. Handbags, purses, clutches of bright colors are in trend. They look attractive and attract eyeballs. Some colors which are in trend include red, yellow, blue etc. Just make sure that it matches up well with your dress.

Scarf it up…
Scarf is in trend these days. They are available in no. of colors and designs. Silky scarf look bright and attractive and also have a spark in them. Female fashion advice regarding scarf is to buy colorful ones but to match them along with the clothes you wear. For this purpose, you can have a collection of them in your closet.

Know what you want to buy
Before you step out of your home for shopping, make sure you are aware and specific about what you are seeking to buy. This ensures that you will end up being at the mall with an aim. A small checklist will also ensure that you don’t miss out on anything while you shop.

Button up gradation
If you have some old attires and clothes then one female fashion advice is to upgrade to designer buttons. All you need to do is to take your dress to the nearby store and fetch matching designer buttons which go along well with your dress. You can go for long scarf or medium ones as per your preference.

Leopard is in fashion
The leopard print is in fashion and females are going wild with it! Any designer will give female fashion advice regarding leopard prints. It is available in a no. of accessories as well as dresses. Purses, coats, dresses, belts, hats etc can easily be fetched in the leopard print.
There are lot more female fashion advice which can really help you in stylizing. Check out around yourself about what’s going on in trend.




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